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Implementation and Effects of Telerehabilitation

Published 1.1.2022Edited 18.4.2024

This research project studies Kela-organised telerehabilitation by means of combining implementation and impact studies. The project is part of two larger research projects: Muutos III and Effectiveness of Rehabilitation.

The implementation of telerehabilitation and the contents of interventions are studied as part of the Muutos III project. The research is an evaluative implementation study and focuses on the implementation of telerehabilitation and interventions and evaluation thereof. Data are collected in different stages of rehabilitation from clients and service providers by means of electronic surveys.

The study on the implementation of telerehabilitation focuses on the following rehabilitation services/service descriptions combining face-to-face rehabilitation and telerehabilitation:

  1. Rehabilitation course for informal caregivers 2021
  2. Itu course for adolescents 2021
  3. Adaptation training course for adults with Type 1 diabetes 2021
  4. Adaptation training course for adolescents with Type 1 diabetes 2021
  5. Adaptation training course for adults with metabolic syndrome (MBO) and Type 2 diabetes 2021

The Effects of Telerehabilitation is the first substudy in the Effectiveness of Rehabilitation project that was launched at the beginning of 2022. The substudy investigates the effects of participating in Kela’s renewed rehabilitation course for informal caregivers. Several assessing tools evaluating mood, quality of life, quality and burden of informal care, and functioning are used for studying the effects. The primary target group comprises individuals who participated in a rehabilitation course for informal caregivers in 2022. The reported effects are compared to the effects reported by the control groups, which are

  1. those participating in MTLH’s social holidays for informal caregivers and
  2. those participating in Kela’s couple’s courses for informal caregivers


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