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Kela’s Info Tray Privacy Policy

Kela’s Info Tray exercises due care in all its operations and ensures a high level of data protection and data security. 

Kela’s Info Tray does not process any personal information, but anonymised visitor data is used to ensure that our website works as intended and to collect statistical data to help us improve the site. 

We use Piwik Pro for web analytics

Examples of the statistical data we collect include:

  • the number of visitors to the website
  • the types of devices used to access the website
  • the online addresses from which users access the website
  • the individual pages visited

The data collected for use in Piwik Pro is anonymous and not linked to specific individuals’ personal information. IP addresses collected from the server interface are processed so that they become unidentifiable. This process cannot be reversed. In addition, the identifiers are destroyed once a day. Location data will not be gathered. Users cannot be identified on the basis of their IP address or location. 

The anonymised data is stored in a system operated by Kela’s contractual partner Fujitsu. The data collected in Piwik Pro is stored for a maximum of three years. 

General information on the handling of personal data at Kela

You can find more information on the page Data protection and handling of personal data at Kela (

Kela’s Data Protection Officer

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