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Data Applications

Kela's data applications visualize information in an easily understandable format. Use these applications to delve into topics that interest you or to examine regional differences.

Regional Comparisons

Information Package on Wellbeing Services Counties

In the information package focusing on the wellbeing services counties, you can compare the distribution of Kela's benefits by wellbeing services county on an annual basis. Only available in Finnish.

National Health Index

With the National Health Index, you can examine how the health and work capacity of the population vary between municipalities and wellbeing services counties using different indicators.

Regional Overview

In the Regional Overview, you can find monthly updated information on Kela benefit recipients and benefits paid in wellbeing services counties and municipalities.

Employment Municipal Pilot Overview

In the overview, you can examine the number of recipients of basic social assistance, municipally co-funded labour market support, and vocational rehabilitation in the pilot areas. Only available in Finnish.

Private care price comparison

With this app, you can compare median prices of private care regionally (in Finnish or Swedish)


Medication Purchases by ATC Classification

With the application, you can compare the costs, purchase volumes, and number of buyers of prescription medications on a weekly basis according to ATC classification levels 1 to 5, regionally or nationally.

Costs for Medications in Outpatient and Inpatient Care

With the application, you can examine which prescription medication costs have increased or decreased the most in outpatient or inpatient settings. Only available in Finnish.

Chronic disease medication: special reimbursements and use

In this app, you can explore special reimbursements and use of medications for chronic diseases on a regional level.

Families with Children

Parental Leave Comparison

Using the parental leave comparison tool, you can examine how dividing parental leaves in different ways between parents affects the gross and net income of families with children. Only available in Finnish.