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Kela's Info Tray

Kela’s Info Tray brings together the research and statistics produced by Kela. We provide a wide range of up-to-date information for national, regional and local needs. The service is intended for everyone interested in Kela data.

Kela as an information provider

The entire operations of Kela are based on information. We use information to make benefit decisions, to provide guidance and advice on social security matters and to improve our services and make sure that they are useful and accessible. We produce research, statistics, information materials and open data.

At Kela, we want our information to benefit society as a whole as much as possible. We provide information to support public decision-making and the organisation of services provided by other authorities. We participate in legislative development in order to dismantle barriers to data mobility.


Statistics and analytics

Statistics and analytics

  • Developing methods for the secondary use of data and the required storage, reporting, metrics and analytics solutions
  • Statistical publications
  • Investigative analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning: Applications and development
  • Developing and publishing open data
  • Research data sources: Information and permits


  • Research on the Finnish social security system and its effectiveness
  • Supporting efforts to develop Kela's benefit provision and other operations
  • Research publications, information in brief and the research blog
  • Research expertise services

Information management

  • Kela’s customer data and core data resources
  • Development and management of the Kanta services and other social and healthcare information services and data resources entrusted to Kela
  • Domestic and international information exchange solutions


  • Innovating and developing information services and products in collaboration with customers
  • Service design and trialling of innovations
  • Next, developing innovation and collaboration platforms for use by collaboration partners