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The Effectiveness of Social Security in Different and Changing Life Situations of Adolescents

Published 13.3.2023Edited 7.3.2024

The research project collects and compares the social security of young people through system descriptions, statistics and microsimulation modelling, especially in the Nordic countries and the EU countries. The aim of the project is to form an overall picture of the development stages of social security for young people in the 2000s through legislative changes, statistics and microsimulation.

The goal of the register study is to analyse the essential transitions in state and the related background factors in the social security system for young people in 2017–2022. At the heart of the analysis is a young person who is required to venture in the jungle of the social security system. In addition to the overall picture, we will address the pain points of social security for special groups, such as young people with intellectual disabilities, and immigrants. We also use simulation to analyse how a sudden change in life situation can affect a young person’s livelihood.


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