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Unemployment in the Six Largest Cities in Finland

Published 1.4.2023Edited 7.3.2024

The aim of the study is to produce new data on unemployment in the six largest cities in Finland. The responsibility for organising employment and integration services will be transferred from the TE Offices to municipalities at the beginning of 2025. The need for information is particularly focused on two groups: immigrants and the long-term unemployed. The study is carried out in co-operation with the City of Turku.

The study examines the background factors of unemployed immigrants and people in longer-term unemployment, their participation in TE services and their move away from unemployment benefits. The analysis compares unemployment in the six largest Finnish cities, and examines the extent to which differences in unemployment background factors of the unemployed person explain differences in unemployment between the cities. The cities examined are Turku, Helsinki, Espoo, Oulu, Tampere, and Vantaa.

The study is based on data included on various registers, so it provides quantitative and descriptive information on the population groups that are the subject of the study. The study is based on Kela’s register data, which is supplemented with data on earnings-related unemployment security, and data from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s customer information system.

The study examines unemployment in the six largest Finnish cities, and produces data to support the reform of the TE services. The project produces useful information to meet the needs of the City of Turku and to support societal decision-making in general. The aim of the study is to find more specific target groups to which special attention should be paid when planning TE services.


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