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Prices and Markets in Kela’s Rehabilitation Registration Procedure

Published 1.7.2022Edited 8.3.2024

Kela organises various rehabilitation services procured from private rehabilitation companies. A majority of the services are procured through public competitive tenders, where the service providers are evaluated on either price or a combination of price and quality. Compared to traditional tenders, this study analyses the strengths and weaknesses of two procurement trials organised by Kela:

  1. Registration trial REKKU, where traditional tendering is replaced by a registration procedure and Kela defines the terms and prices for registration.
  2. A two-price trial, where Kela pays the service provider an additional 20% if the implemented course meets the quality requirements defined by Kela.

This study seeks to answer the key research question: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the registration trial and the two-price trial compared to traditional tendering?


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