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Use and Costs of Social and Health Services and Social Security Benefits in Oulu, 2013–2018

Published 4.5.2022Edited 15.5.2024

The study seeks to produce information at the individual level about the use of social and health services and benefit recipiency among residents of the city of Oulu. Particular attention is paid to how specific individuals use and combine services and benefits from different sectors and systems. Having access to a set of register data spanning a period of several years, the study is able to investigate broadly the aggregate use and costs in different sectors of the healthcare system and of public social services and benefits. The project is divided into several sub-projects.

Additional Information

Project Implementation Period

1.10.2018–31.12.2023. The project has ended.

Cooperation Partners

City of Oulu, occupational health service providers

Additional information on the project and its progress (in Finnish)

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