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Instructions for using regional analyses

Here are some tips for selecting different options in

  • Regional Overview
  • Work Disability Index.

By clicking the Description button you can access a description of the report, which contains a description of the data, descriptions of the variables and measurements, and other information.

Option lists

You can select different options in the option lists on the right.

  • You can select one option at a time in the drop-down menu.
  • In the listed options menu, you can select several options by keeping the Ctrl key pressed. The background color of selected options is grey.

Selecting a time frame

You can select a specific time frame by clicking on the date you want on the x-axis of the time series graph. The time frame you have selected is specified in the upper right corner of the report.

Displaying the report in full-screen mode

To access full-screen mode, click the Move to full-screen mode icon (two-headed arrow) in the top left corner of the report. Press the Esc key to exit full screen mode.

Restoring the report’s default options

If you have customised the options for the report and want to restore the default options, click the Reset dashboard icon at the top left of the report (anticlockwise circle arrow) and then click OK.

Copying a link to the report

If you want to copy a link to the report, use the right mouse button to copy the link from the list below. The link cannot be copied from the browser’s address bar.

Technical problems and feedback

If you encounter a technical problem, close the browser and restart it. If the problem is not solved, please contact Kela’s Statistical Information Service at

You can also send feedback to the statistical information service about the contents of the reports and how the reports function.

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