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Cognos brief instructions

You can restrict the data shown in the report as regards the variables (categories), but you cannot add or remove variables or change the order of the variables.

Current parameters are shown at the bottom of the page.

By clicking the button Description you can access a description of the report, for instance, a description of the data and descriptions of the variables and measurements.

You can print the report via the printing function of your browser.

If you wish to open another report, return to the Kelasto table of contents.

Selection buttons and selection lists

You can make your own selections through the selection buttons and selection lists on the left.

Of the selection buttons, you can only select one alternative at a time. Changing the place of the selection button updates the data in the report immediately.

In the selection lists you can usually make several selections, but in certain selection lists you can only make one selection at a time. When you have made your selections, finish by clicking Update selections. When no category has been selected, the data content of the report is the same as if all categories had been selected.

Saving the report in PDF or Excel format

You can save the report in PDF or Excel format by clicking the Run-icon ​​​​​​in the top left corner of the page:

  • Run HTML shows the report in HTML format.
  • Run PDF shows the report as a PDF document that you can save or print.
  • Run Excel opens the report as an Excel file that you can save.

Report language

The report will be shown in Finnish, Swedish, or English based on the language of your browser. You can change your browser’s language in settings. Restart the browser after changing the setting.

Problem situations and feedback

If there is a problem, close the browser and try again. If the problem is not solved, please contact Kela’s statistical information service (

You can also send feedback to the statistical information service about the contents of the reports and how the reports function.

Cognos reports in Kelasto

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