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Kela’s Master’s thesis award

Published 1.11.2023

Each year, Kela grants an award in recognition of a distinguished Master’s thesis on social security. The acknowledgement is granted to a scientifically high-quality thesis that is interesting from the viewpoint of social security.

The award is worth 2,000 euros.

The aim of the award is to encourage students to study topics related to social security and to promote teaching and research on these topics at Finnish universities.

Applying for the Master’s thesis award

The application period for the previous year’s award starts at the beginning of the year. For example, the 2023 award can be applied for starting from the beginning of 2024.

The recipient of the award is decided by a group appointed by Kela. The winner will be announced and the award granted in May-June.

Supervisors and examiners of theses as well as authors of theses themselves can recommend potential recipients for the award.

The award can be granted for a thesis on social security that has been approved at a Finnish university during the previous year.

Additional information

You can ask questions and recommend theses at

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