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I’m a labor economist with interests in family economics and the labor market. I use registry data with causal methods to understand how people react to changes in legislation. I’m interested in outcome variables such as employment, parental leave, fertility, gender inequality, development and migration.


  • Economics
  • Labor economics
  • Causal methods
  • Search models


  • Labor economics
  • Inequality
  • Family benefits
  • Labor force participation
  • Unemployment benefits

Ongoing research projects

  • Paternity Leave Expansions and its Effect on Gender Inequality (LAPE II)
  • Paternity Leave Expansions and its Effect on Marriage Stability and Fertility (LAPE II)
  • Integration of Migrants (not in Kela)


  • Carnicelli, L., Kosonen, T. & Pirttilä, J. (2022). The impacts of union-led training on working conditions. Experimental evidence from Mozambique. AEA RCT Registry.
  • Carnicelli, L., Kanninen, O., Karhunen, H., Kosonen, T. & Ravaska, T. (2020). Modeling Family Leave Policies (Publications of the Government´s analysis, assessment and research activities 2020:20). Prime Minister's Office.

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