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Statistics on the Kanta services

Published 1.3.2024

The Kanta Services are used comprehensively by both public and private social welfare and health care providers. Kanta monitors and compiles statistics on the use of services and the amount of data stored in them. The data is collected from Kanta log data and registers.

Kanta combines patient and client data from health care and social welfare into an aggregate form. The data is used to compile statistics on Kanta key figures, the total amount of data stored in Kanta, utilisation of the data, and the use of MyKanta. The information is updated monthly.

Key figures

Figure 1: Kanta Services are used by 100% of public and 72 % private healthcare providers, 95 % of public social welfare services, 0.3% of private social welfare, and 100% of pharmacies.
Figure 2: A total of 3,6 billion patient data documents on a total of 6.7 million people have been stored in Kanta. A total of 97 million social welfare documents on 1.6 million people have been stored.
Figur 3: År 2023 förskrevs 30 miljoner recept via Kanta-tjänsterna. Recepten användes sammanlagt 80 miljoner gånger.Figure 4: MyKanta was used by 3.1 million people in 2023. There were a total of 35 million logins to MyKanta. MyKanta is used by 9 % of under-18s. Over 70% of people aged 18–65 use MyKanta. MyKanta is used by 71% of those aged 66–75 and by 46% of those aged over 76.

Today, all public and private health care organisations and pharmacies use the Prescription service, which was launched in 2010. In public health care, the Patient Data Repository is used by all operators. The implementation of the Client Data Repository for Social Welfare Services is currently progressing in stages in both public and private social welfare services. Social welfare data has been stored in Kanta since 2018.

MyKanta has been in use since 2010. All Finns can access their data around the clock using MyKanta. Information on citizens’ electronic prescriptions was the first information to be displayed in MyKanta. The service now allows users to e.g., read their treatment-related records and request prescription renewals, and users will gradually also be able to view social welfare information.

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