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Utilisation of data from Kanta Services

Published 1.3.2024

Social welfare and health care professionals may use data stored in Kanta Services as needed in connection with treatment or a service. Kanta allows social welfare and health care customer data to move between professionals and from professionals to citizens. At the moment, statistics are only available on the utilisation of health care patient data, as social welfare client data will only begin to move via Kanta from summer 2024. Statistics on the utilisation of social welfare data will be added to the page later. 

Over the past five years, the number of patient data searches in the Kanta Services has increased tenfold. On average, health care professionals use Kanta Services to retrieve patient data from another organisation 5 million times a month. They carried out 9 million searches of their organisation’s own register per month.

Purpose of searches

Professionals in the wellbeing services counties search their own register for information when viewing the data of the residents of the wellbeing services county at a health centre in connection with treatment.

Private and public healthcare providers search for data in another organisation’s registers when they carry out a search in each other’s registers or in another wellbeing services county.

An emergency search can be carried out if required to treat the client in an emergency.

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