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Markus Kainu

Senior Researcher, Research Unit


I am a senior researcher at Kela’s Research Unit. I develop software and platforms to enhance scientific computing at Kela. My research work relates to regional variation of social security and the wellbeing of Kela's employees at work.


  • research software development and scientific computing
  • geographic information and regional variation of social security
  • open data and open science
  • personnel research

Ongoing research projects

Web applications


  • 2021 Kainu M: Kuka pelastaisi verkkoalustojen tiedesisällöt? Idäntutkimus. Vol 28 Nro 3 (2021): Teknologia
  • 2021 Mannila S & Kainu M: Poverty and Social Exclusion in Russia. Teoksessa: Kivinen Markku, Humphreys Brendan, editors. Russian modernization. A new paradigm. Routledge
  • 2020 Mannila S & Kainu M: Poverty and Confidence in Russia. Teoksessa: Chernysh Mikhail, Nikula Jouko, editors. Social Distinctions in Contemporary Russia : Waiting for the Middle-Class Society? Routledge
  • 2020 Kivinen, Markku, Meri Kulmala, Jouko Nikula, Simo Mannila, Kainu Markus, Laura Kemppainen, Teemu Kemppainen, et al.: Modernization of the Russian Social Policy: Social Crisis, Interventions, and Withdrawals. Teoksessa: Russian Modernization: A New Paradigm. Routledge
  • 2020 Kangas Olli, Palme Joakim & Kainu Markus: Welfare state entry and exit over the life course. Employment and the sustainability of the welfare state in different worlds of welfare. Teoksessa: Foulkes Savinetti, Nicol, and Aart-Jan Riekhoff, Shaping and Re-Shaping the Boundaries of Working Life. Tampere University Press
  • 2019 Kainu, Markus, Markku Kivinen, Stein Kuhnle, and Chunling Li: Reform and Stability – The Russian and the Chinese Welfare Systems Compared. Russian Politics, 4.3 (2019), 423–46

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