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A Multiform, Group-Based Rehabilitation Program for Visually Impaired Young People to Promote Activity and Participation: A Pilot Study

Julkaistu 30.9.2019


Young people with visual impairment (YPWVI) face several challenges in their everyday lives. However, little is known about interventions that focus on promoting their participation that contributes to health and well-being and is considered the most relevant outcome in rehabilitation.


This study investigated the clinical outcomes and acceptability of a new one-year, multiform, group-based rehabilitation program for YPWVI. The aim of the pilot program was to support them becoming more independent and to promote their participation. Rehabilitation consisted of group-meetings in an institutional setting, online group meetings, individually tailored one-on-one guidance, individual online discussions and parents' group meetings. Fifteen young persons with visual impairment were recruited and 14 completed the intervention, six of whom were blind or had severe visual impairment and eight had mild visual loss.


The study utilized a mixed methods triangulation design. Clinical outcome measures were goal attainment scaling (GAS) and occupational performance (COPM) completed with qualitative interview data. Focus group interviews with participants and parents were used to evaluate the acceptability of the program.


GAS-rated personal goals were widely achieved and the scores of both performance and satisfaction scales of COPM improved. Overall, the rehabilitation program proved to be acceptable. Group-based rehabilitation was deemed very important and it enabled peer support. However, two-day periods of inpatient rehabilitation, proved to be too short, whereas five-day periods were considered to disturb schoolwork.


Group-based multi-form rehabilitation for YPWVI can have a positive impact on activity and participation of the participants. The program can support independence and the achievement of rehabilitation goals. The group format was applauded for providing social support and company. The program required some structural modifications.

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Anna-Liisa Salminen, Tuija Heiskanen, Tiina Suomela-Markkanen

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  • Koko viite: Salminen, A.-L., Heiskanen, T., & Suomela-Markkanen, T. (2019). A Multiform, Group-Based Rehabilitation Program for Visually Impaired Young People to Promote Activity and Participation: A Pilot Study. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16(19), 3682.

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