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Conceptions of Healthcare Professionals About Rehabilitees’ Participation in Goal Setting in an Acute Hospital: A Phenomenographic Study

Julkaistu 18.2.2022



In acute care, effective goal-setting is an essential phase of a successful rehabilitation process. However, professionals’ knowledge and skills in rehabilitee-centered practice may not always match the ways of implementing goal-setting. This study aimed to describe the variation in how acute hospital professionals perceive and comprehend rehabilitee participation in rehabilitation goal-setting.


Data were collected by interviewing 27 multidisciplinary rehabilitation team members in small groups shortly after rehabilitation goal-setting sessions. A qualitative research design based on phenomenography was implemented.


We identified four conceptions of rehabilitee participation, based on four hierarchically constructed categories: 1) Professional-driven rehabilitee participation; 2) Awakening rehabilitee participation; 3) Coaching participation; and 4) Shared participation. These categories varied according to four themes: 1) Use of power; 2) Ability to involve; 3) Interaction process; and 4) Atmosphere. Three critical aspects between the categories were also identified: 1) Appreciative listening; 2) Trustful relationship; and 3) Collaborative partnership.


The study generated new insights into the meaning of rehabilitee participation, as conceptualized in relation to rehabilitation goal-setting and an acute hospital context. The identified critical aspects can be useful for planning and developing continuing professional education (CPE) in rehabilitation goal-setting for professionals. 

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Tuulikki Alanko, Maarit Karhula, Teppo Kröger, Arja Piirainen, Riku Nikander, Pirjo Vuoskoski

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  • Koko viite: Alanko, T., Karhula, M., Kröger, T., Piirainen, A., Nikander, R., & Vuoskoski, P. (2022). Conceptions of healthcare professionals about rehabilitees' participation in goal setting in an acute hospital: A phenomenographic study. Physiotherapy theory and practice, 39(7), 1437–1448.

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