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ICF Personal Factors Strengthen Commitment to Person-Centered Rehabilitation: A Scoping Review

Julkaistu 18.6.2021



The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) classification is a biopsychosocial frame of reference that contributes to a holistic understanding of the functioning of a client and the factors involved. Personal factors (PFs) are not currently classified in the ICF due to large societal and cultural diversity and lack of clarity in the scope of such factors.


To ascertain which factors in the ICF classification have been defined as PFs in different studies and what conclusions have been drawn on their role in the ICF classification.


The study was a scoping review. A systematic search for articles published in 2010–2020 was performed on the Cinahl, Pubmed, ScienceDirect, and Sport Discus databases. The PFs specified in the articles were classified according to the seven categories proposed by Geyh et al. socio-demographic factors; position in the immediate social and physical context; personal history and biography; feelings; thoughts and beliefs; motives; and general patterns of experience and behavior.


The search yielded 1,988 studies, of which 226 met the inclusion criteria. The studies had addressed a wide variety of PFs that were linked to all seven categories defined by Geyh et al. Some studies had also defined PFs that were linkable to other components of the ICF or that did not describe functioning. Approximately 22% (51) of the studies discussed the role of PFs in rehabilitation.


The range of PFs in the ICF classification addressed in the reviewed studies is wide. PFs play an important role in rehabilitation. However, according to the reviewed studies, a more precise coding of PFs is not yet warranted.

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Maarit Karhula, Sari Saukkonen, Essi Xiong, Anu Kinnunen, Tuija Heiskanen, Heidi Anttila

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  • Koko viite: Karhula, M., Saukkonen, S., Xiong, E., Kinnunen. A., Heiskanen, T., & Anttila, H. (2021). ICF Personal factors strengthen commitment to person-centered rehabilitation - a scoping review. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences.

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