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Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality in Adult Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis Diagnosed in the 21st Century

Julkaistu 1.1.2020



We assessed whether celiac disease-associated mortality is increased in Finland among patients diagnosed in the 21st century, given recent improvements in diagnostic and treatment facilities.


Biopsy-proven patients with celiac disease (Marsh III) and dermatitis herpetiformis aged 20-79 years (median 50 years) diagnosed 2005-2014 (n = 12,803) were identified from the national dietary grant registry. Dates and causes of death were obtained from Statistics Finland. Overall mortality and causes of death were compared with reference individuals (n = 38,384) matched for age, sex, and area of residence (at the time of celiac disease diagnosis) selected from the Population Information System.


During a mean follow-up of 7.7 years (SD ±3.0 years), 884 (6.9%) and 2,613 (6.8%) deaths occurred among the celiac cohort and reference group, respectively. Overall mortality (hazard ratio [HR] 1.01, 95% confidence intervals [CIs] 0.94-1.09), mortality from all malignancies (HR 1.11, 95% CI 0.96-1.27), gastrointestinal tract malignancies (HR 1.21, 95% CI 0.56-1.71), or cardiovascular diseases (HR 0.91, 95% CI 0.77-1.07) were not increased among patients with celiac disease. Overall, mortality from lymphoproliferative diseases (HR 2.36, 95% CI 1.65-3.39) and nonmalignant digestive diseases (HR 2.19, 95% CI 1.40-3.43) was increased, but HRs decreased after the exclusion of the first 2 years of follow-up (HR 1.71, 95% CI 1.10-2.66 and HR 1.75, 95% CI 1.01-3.05, respectively).


The overall mortality in adult celiac disease diagnosed 2005-2014 was not increased. Mortality from lymphoproliferative diseases was increased but lower than previously reported.


Inka Koskinen, Lauri J Virta, Heini Huhtala, Tuire Ilus, Katri Kaukinen, Pekka Collin

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  • Koko viite: Koskinen, I., Virta, L. J., Huhtala, H., Ilus, T., Kaukinen, K., & Collin, P. (2020). Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality in Adult Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis Diagnosed in the 21st Century. The American journal of gastroenterology, 115(7), 1117–1124.

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